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Frequently Asked Questions

> About Morehouse Farm and Merino Sheep

> About Morehouse Merino Yarn

> Merino Wool Care Information

> About Shopping at Morehouse Farm


Why does your wool not itch?

Our Merino wool is very fine and therefore will not itch or irritate skin.

Are your dyes natural?

No, they are synthetic dyes. But remember, the “natural” in natural dyes refers to the source of the dye and not the process. All dyeing involves the use of chemicals to make dyes penetrate and adhere to the wool fibers, and to make the colors lightfast and washable.

Do you dye your own wool?

No. Our wool is dyed at a professional dye facility.

Does your wool contain lanolin?

No. Lanolin is removed in the washing process. However, there may be a trace of it left after washing the wool.

What is lanolin anyway?

Lanolin is the purified form of a greasy substance secreted by glands of the sheep to protect the wool and to keep the sheep’s skin smooth and supple. Lanolin is used as base in cosmetic creams and lotions.

Is your wool mothproof?

No. Mothproofing is a chemical additive to make wool distasteful to wool-eating critters. We want to keep Morehouse Merino wool as natural and pure as possible. Many people experience an uncomfortable feeling when wearing wool that contains chemical mothproofing. Mothproofing can add to the itchiness of wool.

So what can I do to keep Morehouse Merino wool safe from moths?

Keep your woolens clean. Wash them before storing them over the Summer months. Use cedar or herbal moth repellants. (A word of caution: herbal moth repellents and cedar repel moths, they do not eliminate the pest like mothballs do. So if you have a heavy infestation of moths in your house, consider first using mothballs to rid your house of the pests. Then switch to natural forms of control.) Check our   > Lavender Moth Repellent Sachets

Can I use your wool to felt with?

Yes, Merino wool felts very easily and makes wonderfully soft felt.
> Morehouse Merino Roving

Is your yarn spun by hand?

No, our yarn is spun at a mill.

What does 2- and 3- Strand yarn really mean?

3-Strand is a worsted weight yarn, and 2-Ply and 2-Strand are sport weight. Morehouse Gator Yarn is a sport weight yarn with heavy twist.

What’s the difference between 2-Strand and 2-Ply yarn?

The difference lies in the amount of twist: very little twist for the 2-Strand makes a soft, fuzzy yarn, and more twist in the 2-Ply yarn results in a smoother yarn that’s perfect for showing off stitch patterns.

Does your wool pill?

Most knits will pill to some degree, whether made from wool, cashmere or synthetics. Finer wools pill more because of their shorter fiber length than coarser, longer stapled wool. And loosely spun yarns tend to pill more than plied or tightly twisted, smoother yarns. Our 3-Strand yarn will pill more than our 2-Ply or our Lace yarn.

Is it true that wool does not burn?

Wool is naturally flame resistant and is slow to ignite; unlike synthetics, which burn or melt in a flash. Airplane seats for example are now made with more wool to make them safer.

I can understand wearing wool in Winter keeps me warm. But wool for Summer?

Wool feels comfortable in hot and cold weather. Wool’s ability to absorb moisture helps keep you warm and dry in Winter; and wool’s unique structure insulates from the sun’s heat in Summer.

I’m allergic to wool. Will I be allergic to your soft Merino?

That depends on the cause of your allergy. If it is lanolin that you are allergic to, you might experience a reaction, despite the fact that scoured wool contains very little lanolin. But a trace might be enough to trigger a reaction. Or you might be allergic to dyes, or a softener that’s added after scouring the wool, or mothproofing or any one of the dozens of other chemical additives in commercial wools.

Morehouse Merino yarn contains no chemicals, other than the dyes we use to color the yarns. And our natural colors are 100% pure and chemical free.

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