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Pattern Help           
Index to terminology, style and techniques
found in Morehouse Patterns

Bind off Pick up stitches along edge
Bind off loosely Pick up stitches around armhole
Cast on [number of] stitches Pick up stitches around neck opening
Cast on (illustrated) Place marker
Circular needle Pull yarn through remaining stitches
Darn in or weave in ends Purl [number of] stitches
Divide for armhole Rep for left [or right] front
Divide stitches onto four [or three] needles Rep from * to end of round
Double-pointed needle Rib pattern
E-Loop Cast-On Right side facing
Garter stitch Rounds
Gauge Rows
Holding needle Size [of item you are knitting]
Increase [number of] stitches evenly Slip stitch
Increase 1 stitch or make 1 stitch Start new skein of yarn
Join Stockinette stitch
K1 P1 rib Switch to double-pointed needles
Knit [number of] stitches Switch to second color [or switch to color B]
Knit 2 together Three-needle bind-off
Knit in the round Transfer stitches
Knit into stitch below Turn
Lay flat to dry Use yarn double
Leave stitches on holding needle Wash in mild soap
Long-tail cast on Weave in ends
Mild soap Wind skein into a ball
Neck edge bind off Yarn at other end of needle
Needle size Yarn over needle
Open-Knit Cast-On

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