Blocking Pins & Clips
Cable Needles
Circular Needles
Crochet Hook (Mini)
Darning Egg
Darning Needles
Double-Pointed Needles
Elastic Yarn Thread
Felting Needles & Mats
French Knitters
Gauge Measures
Knot & Button Templates
Knit Check
Knitting Counters
Knitting Thimbles
Marking Pins
Measuring Tapes
Needle Cases
Needle Holders
Needle Threaders
Needle Size Check
Notion Sets
Point Protectors
PomPom Makers
Project Helpers
Row Counters
Scissors & Clippers
Single-point Needles
Sock Blocker
Stitch Holders
Stitch Markers
Tapestry Needles
Tassel Maker
Yarn Bobbins
Yarn Holder
Yarn Sleeves
Yarn Winder & Swift
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Notions Set (KA) contains
the following:
3 Cable Stitch Holders
4 Point Protectors
30 Stitch Markers
3 Darning Needles
3 Stitch Holders
8" Bamboo Ruler

Knit Mate (CL) contains
the following tools:
Measuring tape
2 Stitch Holders
Stitch & Row Counter
4 Point Protectors
20 Locking Stitch Markers
2 Darning Needles
Needle Gauge
In handy case   $16.00

Yarn Sleeves (B) Keeps
yarn neat and tangle-free
$2.60   Choose size:
3 Jumbo Sleeves
5 Small to Large Sleeves

Elastic Yarn Thread,
(CL) Use in
socks, cuffs, sweater
ribbing to maintain shape

Sock Blockers Stainless
steel; med size

Wooden Darning Egg with
handle; total length 5¼"

Yarn Ball Winder   $48.00

Bamboo Handbag
  7" wide and
5" tall   $4.90 per pair

Needle Case (KA),
store single-point knitting
needles in crush-proof case;
will hold 12 pairs up to
13" long   $8.80

Purple Needle Case for
single-point needles
up to 13"long,
will hold 6 pairs

Zippered Needle Case
for 10 needles

Individual pockets with
top flap to keep needles
in place   $7.80

   Brand Names B   = Boye
BR = Bryson
CL = Clover
D   = Darice
KA = Kinki Amibari
P   = Pony
PR = Prym
SB = Susan Bates