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  Baby Item Patterns

$5.00 Amish Baby Blanket
Garter stitch stripes in striking color combos, worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Baby Blanket Bundle
Choice of 4 easy knit/purl patterns, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Baby Bunting
Knit in 1 piece in garter stitch pattern, worsted weight yarn
$3.00 Baby Hat & Booties
Gift set to fit newborn in worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Baby's Best
Seed stitch jacket, bonnet and booties for newborn, sport weight
$5.00 BabyBlanket Art
Colorful blanket, artfully assembled squares in sport weight
$5.00 Baby's Coat Jacket
Jacket in bulky yarn
$5.00 Baby's First Merino Sweater
Jacket in knit/purl pattern, worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Baby Pants
Sport weight yarn and garter stitch pattern
$5.00 Baby Shepherd Jacket
Easy garter stitch pattern
$5.00 Baby Wrap
Simple wrap jacket for newborn to 6 months, worsted weight
$5.00 Baby Zebra Jacket
Striped jacket in worsted weight
$4.00 Berry Baby Blanket
Berries atop whipped cream, in sport weight yarn
$4.00 Big Softie Baby Blanket
Seed stitch pattern with bulky yarn and big needles
$5.00 Bouquet Baby Blanket
Slipped-stitch pattern, sport weight in two colors
$5.00 Candy-Striped Jacket
Striped jacket in worsted weight
$5.00 Checkered Baby Blanket
Garter stitch squares in two colors, worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Classy Baby Blanket
Stripes in bold colors, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Classy Baby Hat & Socks
Gift set for newborn to 6 months, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Classy Baby Jacket
Stripes in bold colors, worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Coverlet
Easy knit/purl pattern, worsted weight yarn
$6.00 Fan & Feather BabyBlanket
Sport weight blanket, fan & feather pattern
$6.00 Fan & Feather Baby Jacket
Sport weight jacket, fan & feather pattern
$5.00 Fisher Island Baby Outfit
Jacket & hat with slipped stitch pattern in three colors, worsted weight
$3.00 Fisherman Rib Baby Blanket
Blanket worked in fisherman rib or brioche pattern, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Fisherman Rib Duo
Pant and Jacket in fisherman rib or brioche pattern, sport weight
$5.00 Graphic Baby Blanket
Bold black and white stripe design, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Heart-to-Heart Baby Blanket
Heart design in knit/purl patter, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Kaleidoscope Baby Blanket
4 triangles sewn together, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Knit/Purl Baby Blanket
Knit/purl pattern for textured look, worsted weight
$5.00 Luxuriously Soft Baby Blanket
Textured blanket using bulky and sport weight yarn
$6.00 Marina Merino Doll
14” tall doll knit with sport weight yarn
$6.00 Mouse Nibbles Hat & Booties
Booties shaped like mice, sport weight yarn
$6.00 Mouse Nibbles Jacket
Jacket with mice ties, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Nano BabyBlanket
Design inspired by Nano images, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Nutcracker Jacket
Variegated worsted weight jacket with white trim
$5.00 Patchwork Baby Blanket
Squares in 5 colors knit as strips, then sewn together, sport weight
$5.00 Pinstripe Suit for Baby
Striped pant and jacket outfit, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Political T-Shirt
Short-sleeved T-shirt with message in felt appliqué, sport weight
$5.00 Sheep Meadow Baby Blanket
Blanket in worsted weight with knit sheep appliqué
$5.00 Skyscraper Baby Blanket
Slipped stitch pattern in worsted weight
$5.00 Soft & Cuddly Hat with Booties
Set for newborn in sport weight yarn
$5.00 Strawberry Hat & Booties
Little treats for baby's feet, in worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Striped Baby Blanket
Garter stitch stripes in sport weight yarn
$5.00 Striped Coverlet
Multi-colored blanket in worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Sunny Set for Baby
Pant and jacket set in variegated sport weight yarn
$5.00 Teddy Bear
12" tall soft toy in garter stitch
$5.00 Valentine Baby Blanket
Heart knit/purl design, with bulky yarn
$3.00 Variegated Hat & Booties
Gift Set, in variegated worsted weight
$5.00 Ziraffe
Soft toy with stripes in worsted weight yarn