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Hats & Headbands

$5.00 Abela Hat & Fingerless Mittens
Set in bulky with sport weight yarn
$5.00 Acorn Hat
Worsted weight yarn, acorn-shaped
$5.00 Agate Wear Duo
Worsted weight yarn in 2 colors knit together
$5.00 Amanita Hat
Mushroom-shaped in worsted weight yarn
$3.00 Badger Hat
Worsted weight yarn in 2 colors knit together
$5.00 Batman Top
Worsted weight yarn
$5.00 BeeBuzz Top
2 colors worsted weight yarn, with large pompom
$5.00 Beret
Knit in sport weight yarn, then felted
$5.00 Berry Beret
Sport weight yarn, with felt polka dots
FREE Bojangles Hat
Knit with small amounts of left-over worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Bonnet Beret
Ruffled beret, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Cable Hat
Cap with cable pattern in bulky yarn
$5.00 Cable Headband
Bulky yarn and cable pattern
$3.00 Carla's Hat
Worsted weight yarn doubled, matches Carla's Sweater
$5.00 Carrot Top
Worsted weight yarn, shaped like a carrot
$5.00 CatCap
Feline hat with ears in bulky yarn
FREE Chemo Cap
Lace yarn
$5.00 Cherbourg Hat
Sport weight yarn in 2 colors, with knit flower decoration
$3.00 Confetti Hat
Hat with colorful crochet decorations on top
$3.00 Curly Top Hat
Worsted weight yarn, garter stitch hat with crochet curls
$3.00 Dinosaur Hat
Bulky yarn, with felt spikes decoration
$5.00 DoubleDecker Hat
Worsted weight yarn, double-sided hat
$8.00 Dragon Hat
Worsted weight yarn, long-tailed with spikes
$4.00 EarthWorm Hat
Worsted weight yarn, part of a set with EarthWorm Scarf
$4.00 Egg Hat
Accessory to ChickScarf, round shape in worsted weight yarn
$3.00 Fisherman Cap
Basic rib hat in rib pattern and sport weight yarn
$5.00 FishermanRib Hat
Fisherman rib worked in the round, worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Fishing Hat
Worsted weight yarn with fishing décor
$5.00 Floppy Hat
Loosely fitting hat in worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Frog Hug
Hat and scarf combo in worsted weight yarn
$3.00 Headband
Sport weight yarn, in tightly knit rib pattern
$5.00 Headband & matching Fingerless Gloves for Girls
Sport weight yarn
$5.00 Head Scarf
Variegated lace yarn, knit corner to corner
$4.00 Headwrap
Head and neck cover, in bulky yarn
$5.00 Helmet Hat
Bulky yarn hat with ear flaps
$5.00 Hoody
Variegated bulky yarn
$3.00 Igloo Hat
Double worsted weight yarn and seed stitch
$3.00 Igloo Hat   (Variegated)
Bulky yarn and seed stitch
$5.00 I-Love-You Hat
Worsted weight yarn with knit/purl heart pattern
$5.00 I-Love-You Twin Hats
Worsted weight yarn in 2 colors, felt heart decoration
$5.00 Jazz Hat
Lace yarn with worsted weight
$5.00 Jester Hat
Worsted yarn, 3 tips with tiny bells
$5.00 Knapster Hat
Slip-stitch pattern in two colors, worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Lily Chapeau
Hat with jaunty little flower decoration, worsted weight yarn
$5.00 LolliTop Hat & Mittens
Hat and Mittens set in 2 colors of worsted yarn
$5.00 Magpie Hat
Worsted weight yarn, striped to match Magpie Mittens
$5.00 Maple Top Hat
Worsted weight in rib and fisherman rib combo pattern
$3.00 Mo Hat
Basic hat, knit flat or in the round in worsted weight yarn
$3.00 Mo Hat, ribbed
Worsted weight yarn, rib pattern
$3.00 Mo Hat   (Variegated)
Basic hat, knit in the round, variegated worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Mohican Hat
Headgear in worsted weight yarn
$4.00 Mushroom Cap
Worsted weight yarn, round-shaped
$5.00 Pagoda Hat
Worsted weight yarn in two colors, graphic pattern
$5.00 Pebble Hat
Seed stitch pattern using two colors of worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Pep Rally Hat
Striped hat with pompom, worsted weight yarn
$5.00 PetiteFleur Headband
Sport weight yarn with knit flower decoration
$3.00 Pico Hat
Pointy hat in bulky yarn
$5.00 PomPom Top
Roomy hat with pompom in bulky yarn
$5.00 PonyTail Hat
Worsted weight yarn with long knit fringe
$5.00 Primero Top
Worsted weight yarn, basic hat with ribbed border
$5.00 Puffball Top
Worsted weight yarn, mushroom-shaped
$5.00 Pumpkin Hat
Pumpkin-shaped hat in double worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Ramaria Mushroom Beret
Sport weight yarn with mushroom decoration
$4.00 Ribbed HeadWrap
Sport weight yarn, head and neck cover
$5.00 Rooster Hat
Worsted weight yarn for hat, and sport weight for Rooster's comb
$5.00 Santa's Hat
Worsted weight yarn
$5.00 SeedStitch Hat
Worsted weight yarn used double
$3.00 Sheepish Hat
Worsted weight yarn   (part of a set with Sheepish Scarf )
$5.00 Snail Hat & Scarf combo
Snail-shaped, hat in bulky & attached scarf in sport weight yarn
$3.00 Snowboarder Hat
Bulky hat, big needles
$3.00 Snowman Hat
Worsted weight yarn, appliqué felt decorations
$5.00 Spider Top
Black bulky with spider legs
$5.00 Striped Marvel Hat
Hat with very long tip and stripes, in sport weight yarn
$3.00 SuperTop
Bulky yarn for super warmth
$3.00 TasselTop Hat
Variegated bulky
$5.00 ThatHat
In worsted weight yarn with pointed tip
$4.00 Triangular HeadScarf
Variegated lace yarn
$5.00 TurretTop Hat
Rib pattern in variegated sport weight yarn
$3.00 Twin Stripes Hat
2 skeins, 2 colors = 2 hats in worsted weight yarn
$3.00 Valentine Hat
Worsted weight yarn, felt heart decorations
$5.00 Variegated Beret
Knit in sport weight yarn, then felted
$3.00 Variegated Bulky Hat
Easy knit/purl pattern, bulky yarn
$3.00 Variegated Mo Hat
Variegated worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Wexler Hat
Ribbed cap in worsted weight yarn
$5.00 WormyApple Hat
Apple-shaped with worm at top, worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Wilcox Hat
Worsted weight yarn used double, garter stitch
$6.00 WinterBlues Hat with Gloves
Worsted weight yarn in 3 colors