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  Home Accessories

$5.00 Alligator Christmas Stocking
Shaped like a Gator foot, in sport weight yarn
$4.00 Big Softie Throw
Seed stitch pattern, knit with bulky yarn
$5.00 Cat Bed
Tightly-spun sport weight yarn in two colors
$4.00 CatFish Draft Stopper
Narrow tube to be stuffed with lint, worsted weight yarn
$6.00 Cat Pillow
Tightly-spun sport weight yarn with felt appliqué
$6.00 Colorful Rooster Pillow
Knit pillow with felt rooster appliqué, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Duotone Throw
Worsted weight yarn in 2 natural colors
$5.00 Heart Pillow
Heart-shaped pillow, bulky yarn
$5.00 Jester Christmas Stocking
Sport weight yarn, with bells
FREE Knitting Tote
Knit with odd lots of left-over yarn
$5.00 Luxuriously Soft Throw
Worsted weight yarn, garter stitch and big needles
$6.00 Mandarin Duck Pillow
Knit pillow with felt duck appliqué, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Patchwork Throw
Worsted weight yarn, knit corner to corner in garter stitch
FREE Plastic Beach Bag
Knit with recycled plastic bags
FREE Plastic Shopping Tote
Knit with recycled plastic bags
$4.00 Pollywog Cat Toy
Cat toy to be stuffed with catnip, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Special Throw
Lightly-spun worsted weight yarn in 2 colors
$5.00 Teddy Bear Pair
Two 12" tall Teddy Bears, knit in garter stitch
$6.00 White Rooster Pillow
Knit pillow with felt rooster appliqué, sport weight yarn
$4.00 Wine Bottle Cover
Knit in the round with sport weight yarn
$5.00 Ziraffe
Striped stuffed toy in worsted weight yarn