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For Critter-shaped Scarves, check Critter Patterns

$5.00 Agate Scarf
Worsted weight yarn in 2 colors knit together
$5.00 Aspen Scarf
Rib pattern in worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Beaudelaire Scarf
Sport weight yarn in 2 colors, knit-into-stitch-below pattern
$4.00 BigHug Scarf
Fisherman Rib pattern with loosely spun bulky yarn
FREE Bojangles Scarf
Small amounts of worsted weight yarn in lots of colors
$3.00 Bowtie Scarf
1 skein garter stitch scarf in worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Button Cowl
Cowl with button closure, knit with bulky yarn
$5.00 Canterbury Scarf
Scarf in basketweave pattern with color fringe, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Chevron Scarf
Sport weight yarn, knit diagonally
$4.00 ChocolateBar Scarf
Bulky tablet of chocolate, easy knit-purl pattern
$5.00 Cobblestone Scarf
Bulky yarn and knit/purl pattern for texture
$5.00 Collar Scarflet
Collar-like Scarf in bulky yarn with button closure
$5.00 Cowl Scarf
Knit in the round with bulky yarn
$5.00 Duotone Scarf
Knit the long way in 2 colors of sport weight yarn
$5.00 Equity Scarf
Rib pattern, knit corner to corner, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Falling Leaves Scarf
Variegated lace
$5.00 FiddleHead Scarf
Variegated lace, knit the long way, elongated stitch pattern
$3.00 FishermanRib Scarf
Worsted weight yarn in fisherman rib pattern
$3.00 Great Scarf
Garter stitch pattern knit the long way, worsted weight yarn
$5.00 GridKnit Scarf
Sport weight yarn, grid-like design
$5.00 Heart Scarf
String of hearts, in sport weight yarn used double
$5.00 Heart-to-Heart Scarf
Sport weight yarn, simple knit/purl heart designs
$5.00 Honeycomb Scarf
Lacy pattern in sport weight yarn
$5.00 I-Love-You Scarf
Sport weight yarn, knit the long way, with felt heart fringe
$3.00 KnitKnot Scarf
Textured scarf from bulky and lace yarn
$3.00 Knit/Purl Scarf
Classic scarf in sport weight yarn
$5.00 Les Petits Riens
Lace accessory scarf, 3 easy designs to choose from
$3.00 Lily Scarf
Striped scarf to match Lily Chapeau
$5.00 Loops Scarf
Big needles and lace with worsted weight yarn
$5.00 MainStreet Scarf
Shaped like a row of houses, worsted weight
$5.00 Maxwell Scarf
Worsted weight yarn in 3 colors (a set with Maxwell Hat)
$3.00 Mini Muffler Scarf
Small scarf in rib pattern, sport weight yarn
$5.00 Monotone Scarf
Knit Scarf, lightly felted, in sport weight yarn
$5.00 Nori Shawl
Lace and bulky yarn combo
$6.00 PeaPod Scarf
Shaped like peapod, bulky yarn
$3.00 Penguin Scarf
Black & White in bulky yarn
$3.00 Quintana Cowl
Cowl in sport weight yarn
$5.00 Ribbon Scarf
Sport weight yarn, 2 colors, with knit fringe
$4.00 RibLace Scarf
Elegant scarf, easy to knit, simple rib pattern
$3.00 Salt&Pepper Scarf
Black and white lace yarn, rib pattern
$5.00 Sandwich Scarf
Sport weight yarn in two colors
$5.00 SchoolBus Scarf
Sport weight yarn, shaped like a bus
$3.00 Skinny Scarf
Garter stitch in bulky
$5.00 SkinnyTempo Scarf
Striped scarf, long and skinny in sport weight yarn
$3.00 Sliver Scarf
Ribbed Scarf in thick/thin worsted weight yarn
$5.00 Striped Scarf & Hat Set
Striped scarf in sport weight yarn with hat
$6.00 Sushi Scarf
Sport weight yarn scarf with sushi fringe
$5.00 SwissCheese Scarf
Sport weight yarn, looking like a wedge of cheese
$4.00 TripleTreat Scarf
Tripling sport weight yarn for a quick & easy scarf
$4.00 Twice-as-soft Scarf
Knit/purl pattern with lace yarn double
$3.00 Über-long Scarf
100" long scarf in bulky yarn
$3.00 UltraSoft Rib Scarf
Knit the long way, using the finest Merino yarn
$4.00 Variegated Knit/Purl Scarf
Classic scarf in variegated sport weight yarn
$3.00 Variegated Skinny Scarf
Garter stitch in bulky
$3.00 Wexler Scarf
Sport weight yarn, simple cable pattern
$5.00 WhiteBirch Scarf
Lace yarn with birch bark look
$5.00 WitchHug Scarf
Witch's hands in spooky-colored sport weight yarn