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Teddy Pair KnitKit

A   M O R E H O U S E   M E R I N O   O R I G I N A L

Kit will make two Teddy Bears, one light with
dark paws and the other one dark with light paws.

     Size:   Height of Bears is 12"

     Yarn:   2 skeins of Morehouse Merino 3-Strand
                in contrasting colors

     Needles:   Set of double-pointed #5 or #6
     > Order Needles

     Kit Price:   $23.00
     Kit price includes yarn and pattern

    > Knit a Hat in garter stitch

    > Knit a colorful Headband

    > Knit a pair of
          Cub Paw Mittens
          for children

These two soft bears
will easily become
a child's favorite toy.

Color choices:

Silver with Chocolate

Chocolate with Oatmeal

Soft White with Brown Heather

Color choice: