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© 1999-2015 Copyright
Morehouse Farm Merino

Patchwork Baby Blanket


Sizs:   Approximately 34”x 34”

Yarn:   Sport weight, five colors, 225 yards per color; sample is knit with Morehouse Merino 2-Ply

Needles:   #5

Gauge:   about 4 ½ stitches = 1 inch (but gauge is not crucial, just don’t knit too tight)

You’ll be working blanket in strips (one square on top of the other, without binding off) and then sewing the strips together. Label the yarn colors from A to D, W is white. How you label the rest of the colors is up to you – keep in mind that you’ll have 13 squares each in colors B and D, 11 squares in color C, 10 in A and 9 in white (you’ll need some additional white yarn for the border around blanket).

Start with square in lower left of chart using color A. Cast on 21 stitches and work 30 rows in stockinette stitch (knit on right side, purl on wrong side). Leave about 10” of yarn for sewing square later, then break off yarn. Switch to color B and work 30 rows in pattern for next square. Again, leave some yarn for sewing, then work 30 rows in white (follow chart for color sequence). Continue this way to end of strip — you’ll have completed eight squares. Bind off. Now start next strip. Continue until all seven strips are completed. Sew strips together using yarn left-over at end of each square.

Border: with white yarn, pick up stitches (right side facing) at bind-off edge. Purl next row and bind off at the same time. Repeat at other end – at cast-on edge. Then do both sides the same way (pick up 1 stitch per 2 rows). Join corners of borders before darning in ends.

© 1999 Copyright
    Morehouse Farm

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