Upcoming classes

This May, special guest Irene Waggener, author of “Keepers of the Sheep” will be joining us for TWO amazing projects.  Choose the class time each month that works best for you!





We cast on May 7th, 2021, with LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES on
May 7 at 6:30 PM EDT
May 9 at 11 AM EDT

Join us from anywhere in the world to learn or practice:

  • How to size the project by trying it on, in true High Atlas fashion
  • Making sure you have the right number of stitches for design continuity
  • Reading colorwork charts
  • Working increases that will keep the design consistent
  • Colorwork that doesn’t pucker
  • Setting up and knitting two at a time so they always match, no matter what else happens
  • Translating the pattern to a different gauge or project (did we mention there’s a bonus Targhiwin COWL?
  • And of course… reading our knitting so that we don’t have to count every stitch on every row.  It’s an absolutely AMAZING feeling to be able to trust yourself that it will all work out.

You’ll need:
– Irene’s Book, Keepers of the Sheep.
It’s available from her Etsy Store.  I think you’ll want to knit pretty much every pattern in it… maybe even the wool pants. 🙂

– Two skeins of Morehouse Merino Gator Yarn for the leg warmers
– Two skeins of Morehouse Merino 2-ply sport for the cowl
OR, find another one of our yarns and we’ll help you make the adjustments!

– THIS is the mind-bending part:  needles that go with your yarn.  In the High Atlas, the knitters often use bicycle spokes, which equate to a US #0.  Find DPNS or a long circular (32″ + for Magic Loop) in a size from US #0 to US #3 for the leg warmers.  (I did mine on US #3).

The cowl is again the needles of your choice, I like US #5 or #6.

Here’s how it works:

1) Join the Morehouse Merino Flock at the Shepherd/ess level at www.MorehouseMerinoFlock.com

2) your membership is good for 30 days and includes

– the live virtual class session of your choice 

– 30 days of project support via

studio hours for one-on-one help

chat support

daily project goals with technique tutorials at your fingertips

virtual knit-ins so you can escape for an hour to spend the time doing something good for you in the company of like-minded crafters.
All for just $45!

Can’t make the class – and still want support? Join as a Farmhand!
You’ll get the self-paced course with video instruction and chat help whenever you need it.

(If you’re already a Farmhand and want to take the class, log on via your computer and you’ll see the option to upgrade under ‘Teams’.)

3) A few days before your membership ends, you’ll get an email asking if you want to join in the next adventure or sit this one out. Join for the projects and techniques that interest you and you’ll find the support you need to be able to say “I MADE THIS!”

Join our Online Learning Community and take the class!

Here’s just a small sampling of what’s in the Morehouse Merino Flock course library.  
All of our courses are self-paced and they break down the work into daily goals.  There are video tutorials, tips and tricks, and an easy way to mark where you’ve left off.
As we add new courses, they’re available to you for as long as you’re a member!

Shabka Socks

In the knitting traditions of the High Atlas Mountains, chronicled by Irene Waggener in her book “Keepers of the Sheep,” learn and practice

  • The Square Cast-On
  • Building the toe cap so that it fits YOUR foot
  • Using a yarn and needle combination that works for YOU
  • adjusting the pattern as needed to maintain the design, no matter the size
  • Colorwork
  • Purling in colorwork – OR –
  • Mirror knitting so that you don’t HAVE to purl!
  • Picking up stitches for the cuff
  • And of course… reading our knitting so that we don’t have to count every stitch on every row. It’s an absolutely AMAZING feeling to be able to trust yourself that it will all work out.

Wanderly socks

From Amy Snell the Devious Knitter, we’ve got the Wanderly Hiking socks with

  • Judy’s Magic Cast-On, with an improvement!, so that you can knit in two directions without a seam (to cover the top AND bottom of your foot
  • Working increases to make the sock fit YOUR foot
  • Changing colors
  • Different ways to work in the round
  • Adding a baby cable for visual interest, with or WITHOUT a cable needle
  • Afterthought heels, so you can knit, knit, knit and THEN come back to add the heel, maybe even in a different color!

Atlas Headband

A Morehouse Original by Erin Pirro, where you can try your hand at double-knitting!

  • the long-tail cast-on without ever having to worry about leaving enough of a tail 
  • creating two layers of fabric at once (aka double knitting)
  • switching the color placement so that you have a reversible design
  • fixing a wrong color stitch in double-knitting (because we’re only human after all)
  • reading your knitting so that you don’t have to count every stitch on every row
  • reading a chart for knitting in the round
  • exploring a bind-off to match the texture of the cast-on.

Fizzy Drinks Felted Coasters

Another design from Amy Snell the Devious Knitter where you’ll learn and practice

  • Cast-ons that are ‘just right’  – not too tight and not too loose
  • Bind-offs to match. Have you ever noticed the beginning and the end of your project are a different width?  Learn how to change that!
  • Mosaic knitting. Wait until you learn what this technique entails – I bet you’ll be saying that same thing I did: “THAT’s how you do it? I can totally do that!”
  • Felting – EVEN IF you have a front-load washer