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Using Long Circular Needles to Knit a Small Circumference in the Round

Many knitters shy away from projects that involve double-pointed needles because they’re awkward to work with until you’ve completed several hours of practice to find your groove.  If you’re not into that level of commitment, this new technique might be just the thing you need to enjoy making socks, mittens, or even sleeves! Besides using […]

Blocking Lace Shawls and Scarves

Please note: the following washing recommendations apply to Morehouse Merino Lace Yarn. For shawls, scarves and lace creations made with other yarns, refer to the yarn manufacturer’s washing and care instructions. Soak your lace creation in warm water, add mild soap (at Morehouse Farm, we use Palmolive(R) Dishwashing Liquid). Let it soak for a few minutes. […]

Pattern Stitches

How to slip stitches Whenever a pattern calls for a slipped stitch (abbreviated slst), transfer stitch by holding left and right needle parallel and transferring next stitch on left needle onto right needle (you’ll be transferring the stitch as if to purl stitch). If you transfer a stitch as if to knit stitch, that transferred […]