Free Spirit BULKY Skein Pack


This is a bit of an experiment.

We usually only sell our FREE SPIRIT skeins in person, because we want you to pick them out and give them a good home.  You see, they’re the oddball skeins – the last of a dye lot, have breaks, the colors didn’t quite turn out, maybe it’s a style of yarn we no longer spin, or there’s chaf (little bits of hay) in the yarn because sheep can be messy eaters sometimes.

So if you can deal with some quirks, we’re happy to have these go home with you. These packs are $36, just $12/skein, and it’s winner take all – no color substitutions, because these are the colors we have in FREE SPIRIT skeins.

If you’re unwilling to risk colors or uneven yarn or breaks, even for such a great deal, then head on over to our main yarn page!

But, if you need SEVERAL different colors or just a splash of color in a project where things like breaks don’t matter, these are a great way to go.

They’re not perfect, but they’re perfect for you.



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