Knitting at the Sunflowers: Cairn Slippers Class


First knitting project or a quick gift knit, this is one you’ll enjoy learning with!

This class is designed for those who have never knit before, or want a quick refresher! If it’s been *ahem* a few years since you’ve picked up the needles, and feel like you want to start again, come join us.  Better yet, bring a friend and learn why knitting is something you will want to return to over and over – what else do you do that’s relaxing AND productive at the same time?

We’ll learn the basic stitches of knitting, and practice on these cute, comfy slippers that will pamper your feet.  And it’s knit with our very own Morehouse Merino yarn whose amazing softness will have you asking ‘is this really wool’?

This class runs Saturday afternoon, August 6, from 2:30-4 pm.
You deserve the time for yourself!

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