Contessa Shawl KnitKit

A   M O R E H O U S E   M E R I N O   O R I G I N A L

      About 24" wide and 80" long

      4 skeins of Morehouse Merino Lace

      Needles:   #8, #9 or #10
      (larger needles will produce a looser shawl)
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      Kit price:   $38.00
      Kit price includes yarn and pattern

      Bonus Patterns:
      Stellina Shawl and LaScalla Shawl
      patterns are included in kit.
      Choose your favorite to knit.

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Knitting a lace shawl need not be
complicated. Yarn-over, knit 2
together, and knit and purl is all
you need to know to create
this lovely lace shawl.

Color choices:

Soft White


Brown Heather

Color choice:


If you prefer to knit the Contessa
Shawl in a color, instead of the
natural lace shown here, check
  > Lace Yarn to choose your
color, then add 4 skeins to
your shopping cart at $8.80 per skein,
and purchase the pattern separately
(Contessa Shawl Pattern Price: $5.00).
  > Patterns for Lace Yarn