What to do with all those ends?

I want to make a temperature blanket… but won’t I have a million ends to weave in?


If you just knit across and break off the yarn as you knit each row, yes you will.

To avoid that, consider these ideas!

1) Don’t break the yarn after you’re done, simply carry it up the side of the project.  This works well if you’re doing 2 rows of the same color per day or using the same color often in that part of the blanket.  You can leave it attached and always decide to break it later.  If you think the distance to carry is too long, you can always wind the next color around it to hug it in to the work so it doesn’t gap.  I’ve carried yarn for many inches this way.

2) Weave in the ends as you go.  We learned this when knitting Harriet’s Hat!  Check out the video.

3) Knit an I-cord on the edge as you go.  That will allow you to hide the ends inside the cord.

4) Pick up and knit a border around the blanket.  Knit 10 rows (or as many as you’d like for the border width) and then purl a row to give it a folding point.  Knit the same number of rows and bind off.  Sew this edge to the ‘back side’ of the blanket, hiding all the ends inside.

5) Do the same as #4, but pick up stitches on both the front and back of the blanket for a border.  You can knit each side separately and do a three-needle bin-off.  Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, make it a double-knit border and just tuck all those ends inside as you go.