Tansie Knitalong

Let’s kick off 2021 with something beautiful for YOU!  

This gorgeous beaded wrap was designed by Louisa Harding in her book Shawls, Wraps & Scarves.

You’ll need:
Louisa’s Book
Morehouse Merino Yarn:   Lace  or   2-ply sport
We’ve got the yarn bundles ready to go!

Optional:  1106 size 6/0 beads
A small crochet hook OR dental floss threaders… or there are a variety of specialized beading tools too!  Have one we haven’t seen before?  Come share, we’re all about learning.

We’re going to break down the techniques so you can learn or practice:
– the beaded picot edge
– ssk and k2 tog decreases and when to use which
– central double decreases
– lifelines – us ’em for safety or live on the edge, whichever suits your fancy
– reading your knitting so you don’t have to count every. single. stitch.
– basic lace fixes for when you notice a repair a ways back… and don’t want to rip it all out.
– oh, and this awesome trick to improve your needles for lace knitting!

Join us in the Morehouse Merino Flock for the month of January.
Anne Frost, host of the “I Thought I Knew How” podcast is our special guest.

And yes, YOU CAN knit this.  That’s what we’re here for.  I bet you already know most of the stitches, it’ll be our job to help you put them together in the right order.  That’s why you want to be sure to join our Knitalong Group, where we only have 3 rules:

1) Be good to each other – and yourselves
2) You can’t say the word ‘can’t’ unless it’s followed by the word ‘yet’
3) Behind isn’t a status – it’s only something you sit on.

Come join us, knit and learn and practice at your own pace, and you will be amazed at how your knitting transforms.