Glenleigh Worsted Colorway Naming Contest

Submit your colorway name suggestions
for our new Glenleigh Worsted yarn.

You’ll get our good news right from the farm – and you could win a skein!

These are our new colorways.  
We’ve given them an ear tag number to start, just like each of the sheep.
An ear tag is an earring with a number that tells us, at a glance, which year the sheep was born (22) and the order in which they were born (01 is the first lamb, 12 is the 12th).

Now the colorways need names!

Type your suggestion in the box below for the colorway you wish to name.
Submit one, two, or as many as you have ideas for!
You can absolutely come back and enter again when another great idea pops up.

Each week we’ll focus on one colorway and
– compile the responses
– pick the top suggestions, and
– put it back to you for an email vote.

If your suggestion is the winning colorway name, you’ll win a skein of that colorway!

(Don’t see the boxes below?  You have super security on your browser, awesome!  Turn it down to enter and then turn it back up, or try a different browser.)

And yes, you can absolutely buy them with their ear tag number while we’re choosing their names 🙂
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