Knit along with us!

First, what’s a Knitalong?
It’s *just* a bunch of knitters working on the same project at (about) the same time.  Yet it’s also so much more.

A while back, I was talking sheep with Diana, a fellow knitter and shepherd.  She described a long unfinished sweater and she was stuck because she didn’t know how to do the three-needle bind-off. (If you don’t either, watch this!)

That broke my heart – this beautiful sweater that no one gets to wear because of a technique?

We can fix that.

We can teach you how to do these things.

We can help you finish that beautiful sweater – or hat or mittens or scarf or shawl – that you have worked so hard to make and deserve to wear.

And we can do this together.

But Erin, you’re in NY and I’m in … California or Australia or Israel or Switzerland or Minnesota…  (Yes, we have members there and a lot of other places too!)

We’ve got that covered.  Pop on over to and request to join. Answer the secret question (what’s the difference between a knit and a purl?) and voila! You’re in!

(Worried about Facebook? Make an account with a pen name. I’m pretty sure Ringo Starr isn’t a knitter and he looks like cat in his profile picture, but he answered the secret question so he’s in. Besides, Google already knows way more about us than Facebook ever will.)

Each month we pick a different project to learn or practice a technique. Join in as your spirit and schedule permit – we don’t have any requirements other than one simple rule: be excellent to each other.

Each day of the Knitalong, we’ll post a goal for the day. Sometimes it’s specific pattern instruction (rounds 1-5), sometimes it’s a length of time (find yourself 15 minutes to knit), or whatever seems fun that day (including a rest or catch-up day). As techniques are introduced, we’ll add videos to and our YouTube Channel so you have a permanent reference library.

These Knitalongs are for YOU, so knit along at your own pace. Speed up if you get a chunk of time or long car ride, slow down if life gets too busy.

Ask questions. Give answers. Provide encouragement. Find success.

See you there!

P.S. Make sure you’re on our email list so you get the word when we’re about to start a new Knitalong!

September 2020: The Adult Calvin Sweater
September Bonus: Christine’s Cowl

August 2020: Lark’s Alvina by Louisa Harding

July 2020: Katie’s Kep by Wilma Malcolmson

June 2020: The Calvin Sweater by VanessaKnits

May 2020:  The Miriam Cowl

April 2020: “The Quick One” Hat by VanessaKnits – and many more for your Quarantine

March 2020: Grown Together – Mittens with a Steek!

February 2020: Choose your Shawl Adventure with VanessaKnits:  Chloe’s Shawl or the Morehouse Shawl

January 2020:  Sockin’ it to Ya