Welcome to Morehouse Farm!
Here’s a quick walkthrough of how you can build your own customized knitting kit just for you.  Feel free to click around, we promise there is no button labeled ‘ejector seat!’

First, find the project you’d like to knit.  If you know the name, type it in the search bar.  Use as few words as possible!  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, try a variation on the word.  For instance, if you can’t find Christines Cowl, type Christine.  You’ll see then it comes up – the computer didn’t recognize the word without the apostrophe so backing down to a simpler version of the word made all the difference!

Open the search bar by clicking on the magnifying glass.  Type in the word you want to search for.  Several options will come up.  Choose the one you want, or click the magnifying glass in yellow to create a whole page of your search results.

Either you’ve chosen the kit from the list above, or from the page of search results.

Once you’ve landed on the kit page, the first thing you need to do is choose your colorway.  Do this by clicking the gold button under the colorway you’d like.

After you choose your colorway, you’ll select the option to have the yarn wound into a ball for you (or leave it blank if you’d like to do that yourself).

Notice the site tells you the current inventory – if it says INSUFFICIENT STOCK, please choose another color as we’re out of that one until the next time we shear our flock and have the yarn spun and dyed!

You’ll repeat this step for any additional yarn colors in your project.

Then, you’ll move onto needles.  They’re optional with any project, as we know you have lots in your toolbox!  However, it’s really handy to be able to add the ones you need if you DON’T have that size or length at the ready… or they’re tied up in another project.

Start by selecting the brand and size.

Then, depending on the needles you’ve chosen, you may need to select the length of the needles.

Once you’ve selected the needles and which length, you’ll move on to any other options in the kit as applicable.
Most kits now arrive at the PDF Pattern step, which automatically adds the PDF Pattern to the kit – without you having to do it!

You do need to add the custom kit to your cart though!


If you’d like to continue shopping, go for it!  You can repeat from the beginning using the search bar, or feel free to browse using the menus on the left side of your screen or the top of the screen (or the little 3-line icon on the top left of your mobile screen).


If you’re ready to check out, click the icon in the upper right corner that looks like a shopping bag / aka shopping cart.


That will show you a quick overview of what’s in your cart – and give you the option to click CHECKOUT.

IF you want to remove anything from your cart, just click the ‘X’ next to that item.

Then, it’s on to the checkout screen.

Here’s where you’ll enter your billing details.

Make absolutely sure you type your email address correctly so that your receipt and backup links are sent to the right place!  Also, add admin@morehousefarm.com to your email address book so that your email will allow delivery.

Next, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND making a new account (or logging into your existing account) because that will allow your patterns to be saved for whenever you want to come get a copy!  No more emails to save or misplace, no worries about browser windows closing accidentally – no more drama!

Note: this does not sign you up for our email newsletters.  If you’d like to do that, scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up or go to www.morehousefarm.com/news.

Once you’re logged in (or added the info to create an account), make sure you’ve chosen the shipping method you prefer.

If you have a free shipping coupon code (which are different for each promotion and only last for a specified time!), make sure you enter it in the coupon box above your billing info


Choose free shipping.  If you skip this step, you’ve agreed to pay the shipping and we can’t refund them.  Help us help you! 🙂

Then when you’re ready to place your order, choose the radial button next to the payment method you’d like to use.  This one shows a credit card, so enter your credit card info and then click PLACE ORDER.

If you prefer, you can use PAYPAL instead.
When you click PROCEED TO PAYPAL, the system will prompt you to log into your PayPal account to complete the transaction.

Voila!  You should now see an ORDER COMPLETE screen.  Click the orange boxes to download your PDF patterns!

You will also

Now, the payment will process and send the order through to our shipping software.  We’ll pack it up and get it ready for the mail carrier, who will be by on the next scheduled day.  And then the package is on its way to you!

Thank EWE for supporting our small farm.  Happy knitting!