Cancun Lace Top

From: $40.00

Knit this beautiful lace stitch sampler top in lightweight Morehouse Merino 2-ply!
It’s a free pattern from Erin Kate Archer called Cancun Lace Top.
It’s available on Ravelry.
(Please note that Ravelry has made some design changes and some users are reporting that the new look is harsh on the eyes or can trigger photo-sensitive conditions.)
Click here to download the pattern.
It’s just knitting and purling – and a few yarn overs here and there.  Easy, breezy, done.

Size:  27′ wide by 16′ deep – a truly versatile piece!

Needles:  US #8

Yarn:  500 yards of Morehouse Merino 2-ply
That’s FOUR Morehouse Mini skeins!

Want to choose other colors?  Click here to see our 2-Ply Sport Variegated and 2-Ply Sport Solid colorways.  You’ll need 3 skeins of any of those to make 500 yards, and you’ll have enough left over to do the color work in a Katie’s Kep. 🙂