Have you ever wanted to get a first look at a new Morehouse project and have the chance to try it out before it’s released to the general knitting public?   

You can when you become a Morehouse Test Knitter!

We’re looking for knitters of all abilities who will:
use the specific yarn called for in the project.  You provide the yarn because you get to keep the finished product!
♦ share progress photos with us
follow the pattern as written, noting any issues and asking about them as you uncover them so we can decide what needs to be changed in order to move ahead with a successful project
♦ complete the project by the specified date
♦ give us clear feedback on what could be improved (this could be anything from an instruction that’s not clear to a wrong stitch count to a type-o, or anything else!)
share the project on social media once the test knit is complete.

If you said ‘I can do that!’ sign up to be a test knitter today!

We’ll email you with all the details when each new test opens.  Then, you can decide at that time if each project and timeline is right for you and respond accordingly.  We’ll notify you if you’ve been selected to test and you can get started.

As a heartfelt thanks, you’ll also receive a copy of the final pattern and of course we’ll show off what you made!

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