Yarn for the Evanthe Shawl


Our December 2020 Knitalong is another beauty from the Louisa Harding Book “Shawls, Wraps and Scarves” which you can find at your local book store, yarn store, or on Amazon for home delivery.

It takes three skeins of Morehouse Merino Lace.

You will also need:
– 256 size 6 (6/0) beads – look for a container that’s at least 20g or 1 ounce if you’re buying a tube that measures by weight)
Here’s a link to the yarn shop in TX where my friend Victoria works, they specialize in beads!
– a tiny crochet hook (1.3-1.5mm will work)
dental floss threaders (THIS is a really cool trick, wait until you see the videos!)
You can get dental floss threaders at just about any pharmacy.  
Click here to see what they look like. 
– Louisa’s book:
Shawls, Wraps, and Scarves. It’s not often that EVERY pattern in a book is attractive to me – so this one is a real WIN!

You€™ll learn or practice:

– a knitted cast on

– adding beads to your work

– reading the yarn-over increases to know WHERE in the row you are

– using edge decreases as a marker post for when stitch counts aren€™t even

– central double decreases (you know, when you need a k2 tog and an SSK to get it to lean in?)

– creating TIME to be able to make this beautiful shawl