Casting On: the E-Loop

This is the start of any knitting project.  It’s called the cast on and it represents the first row of stitches to touch the needles.  You’ll cast on as many stitches and the pattern calls for, following a particular cast-on method if specified.  If the pattern just says ‘cast on,’ then it’s up to you which method you’d like to use!

The first cast-on that most knitters learn is an e-loop cast on.  It’s quite simple and functional.  Once you’ve got that quick start, you can get into the real fun of knitting!  But as you progress with projects, you’ll learn additional cast-on methods that provide different functionality for different projects.  It’s all about building your toolbox, but this is the place to start.

First, a video on the E-Loop Cast On.  It starts with a slip knot, just to stabilize the end stitch on the first row.
If you’d like a demo of the Slip Knot, just scroll down a little further!

E-Loop Cast On

The Slip Knot