Garter-Tab Shawls

A garter-tab shawl is the name for a shawl that’s started with this method.  By knitting a small rectangle in garter stitch, and then picking up stitches on two more sides of the ‘tab,’ you give strength to a shawl creation that would otherwise sag in the middle.  And let’s face it, the backbone of a shawl is a pretty important feature, so it needs structure and support!

A garter-tab shawl grows outward in three dimensions as you knit.  As a result, there will be a small bump in the middle – which WILL block out!  Just make sure to knit loosely on the border stitches.  Some knitters even like to do a yarn-over for each of the three edge stitches in order to give additional stretch.  It’s up to you!

Use this technique with our Rincon Wrap.

Garter-Tab Cast On:

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