Joining Yarns

No one likes a break in the yarn, even if it’s just because you’ve come to the end of the skein.  But breaks happen for all sorts of reasons – I know I’ve unintentionally snagged the yarn on something when moving a project, the puppy decided to “help”, or the skein came with a knot in it.  While not ideal, all of these are real occurrences with yarn – so learning how to best handle the join will make for a much happier knitter!

May of us are taught to join yarn by overlapping, which can create a thick spot in the project.  Then we progress to the knot on the wrong side of the work, and to leaving tails to be darned in at the end.  This video will introduce you to a technique that works fabulously for our loosely-spun yarn, demonstrated here with our 3-strand (worsted weight yarn).  By roughing up the ends, adding a little moisture, and applying friction and heat, you can take advantage of wool’s felting properties to join a yarn with no knots, no lumps, and no darning!