Starting Brioche: The Set-Up Row

When you’re brioche knitting (or purling), you’ll be working every other stitch, alternating with a sl1/yo.  Each worked stitch will have two threads to it: the stitch itself plus a yarn-over from the previous row.  In order to start your first row of brioche knitting, whether it’s the first row of the project or the first row after you’ve finished a section in a different pattern, you need to position those yarn-overs so you can actually knit them on the next row in true brioche!

Your setup row will consist of *sl1/yo, p; repeat from * to end of round.  This will create the yarn-overs with the stitches you’ll knit in the next round, and keep the purls in the purls column where they belong.

Check out our video tutorial to see it in action.  And remember, this is just the set-up row so you won’t be seeing any fancy stitching just yet.  That’s tomorrow!

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