Finishing process

Most knit pieces benefit from a washing after completion. It evens out stitches. In some cases, washing is the final step. For lace shawls, for instance, washing and blocking bring out the beauty in lace knitting (see > Lace Knitting). And in other cases the washing alters the knit piece, for example in mittens that are felted to make them extra warmth.


The following instructions apply to Morehouse Merino Yarn only. Yarn from other manufacturers may react differently to the washing and felting process and some yarns cannot be felted at all (Superwash yarn, for example). Check manufacturers’ washing instructions or test on swatch.

Felting tightens the knit structure and makes it denser. This tightening will cause the piece to shrink. So make sure you allow for this shrinkage. Use washing machine to felt your knits. Add mild soap, never laundry detergents. Use warm water wash and warm water rinse. Do not switch water temperatures (never warm wash and cold rinse). The temperature switch will cause too much felting and shrinkage. Never dry knits in dryer. Air dry and lay piece flat. Be cautious, you can always felt more, but you cannot undo process.