Pattern abbreviations and what they mean

alt alternate (every other)
beg beginning
c cable
cc contrasting color
cont continue
cr cross
dpn double-pointed needle(s)
dec decrease
inc increase
k knit
k 1b knit 1 below
k 2 tog knit 2 stitches together
kw knitwise
l left
mc main color
mult multiple
n needle
o over
p purl
p tog purl together
psso pass slipped stitch over
pw purlwise
r right
rem remaining
rep repeat
ret return
rnd round
RS right side
sl slip
slst slip stitch
st / sts stitch / stitches
t turn
tbl through back of loop
tog together
wyib with yarn in back
wyif with yarn in front
WS wrong side
y yarn
yfwd yarn forward
yo yarn over needle
*…* rep repeat pattern between asterisks