How to make a perfect pompom

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1. Use a piece of rigid plastic (coffee can lids or margarine tops work well) and cut out 2 circles ½” bigger than the size of the pompom you want to make. Cut out 1″ hole (or about one third of diameter of template) in the middle, then cut a slit in circle so you can wrap yarn around.

2. Put the two templates together.

3. Keep both pieces together and, using a finger to slightly open the slit, start wrapping yarn around circle.

4. Keep wrapping until inner circle is full.

5. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut open wrapped yarn at edge of circle.

6. Insert piece of string between the two plastic circles and wrap around middle twice, then pull tight and tie a strong knot.

7. Carefully pull out plastic templates.

8. Now trim pompom so it looks neat and round. Don’t cut the string, use it to attach the pompom.